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Healthy Habits for Managing & Reversing Prediabetes – by Dr. Marie Feldman

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The book doesn’t assume prior knowledge, and does explain the science of diabetes, prediabetes, the terms and the symptoms, what’s going on inside, etc—before getting onto the main meat of the book, the tips.

The promised 100 tips are varied in their application; they range from diet and exercise, to matters of sleep, stress, and even love.

There are bonus tips too! For example, an appendix covers “tips for healthier eating out” (i.e. in restaurants etc) and a grocery list to ensure your pantry is good for defending you against prediabetes.

The writing style is very accessible pop-science; this isn’t like reading some dry academic paper—though it does cite its sources for claims, which we always love to see.

Bottom line: if you’d like to proof yourself against prediabetes, and are looking for “small things that add up” habits to get into to achieve that, this book is an excellent first choice.

Click here to check out Healthy Habits For Managing & Reversing Prediabetes, and enjoy the measurable health results!

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