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In this one minute book review of the Longevity Project, you will discover surprising findings about health and long life.

The Longevity Project – by Dr. Howard Friedman & Dr. Leslie Martin

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Most books on the topic of longevity focus on such things as diet and exercise, and indeed, those are of course important things. But what of psychological and sociological factors?

Dr. Friedman and Dr. Martin look at a landmark longitudinal study, following a large group of subjects from childhood into old age. Looking at many lifestyle factors and life events, they crunched the numbers to see what things really made the biggest impact on healthy longevity.

A strength of the book is that this study had a huge amount of data—a limitation of the book is that it often avoids giving that concrete data, preferring to say “many”, “a majority”, “a large minority”, “some”, and so forth.

However, the conclusions from the data seem clear, and include many observations such as:

  • conscientiousness is a characteristic that not only promotes healthy long life, but also can be acquired as time goes by (some “carefree” children became “conscientious” adults)
  • resilience is a characteristic that promotes healthy long life—but tends to only be “unlocked” by adversity
  • men tend to live longer if married—women, not so much
  • religion and spirituality are not big factors in healthy longevity—but social connections (that may or may not come with such) do make a big difference

Bottom line: if you’d like to know which of your decisions are affecting your healthy longevity (beyond the obvious diet, exercise, etc), this is a great book for collating that information and presenting, in essence, a guideline for a long healthy life.

Click here to check out The Longevity Project and see how it applies to your life!

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