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Simplified Health 1 Minute Book Review by Daniel Cottmeyer.

Health Simplified – by Daniel Cottmeyer

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Health Simplified – by Daniel Cottmeyer

A lot of books focus on the most marketable aspects of health, such as fat loss or muscle gain. Instead, Cottmeyer takes a “birds-eye-view” of health in all its aspects, and then boils it down to the most critical key parts.

Rather than giving a science-dense tome that nobody reads, or a light motivational piece that everyone reads but it amounts to “you can do it!”, here we get substance… but in a digestible form.

Which we at 10almonds love.

The book presents a simple action plan to:

  • Improve your relationship with food/exercise
  • Actually get better sleep
  • Understand how nutrition really works
  • Set up helpful habits that are workable and sustainable
  • Bring these components together synergistically

Bottom line: if you’re going to buy only one health/fitness book, this is a fine contender.

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