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Discipline is Destiny by Ryan Holiday: A 1-Minute Review on the Power of Discipline and Self-Control in Shaping Your Destiny.

Discipline is Destiny: The Power of Self-Control – by Ryan Holiday

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We’ve previously reviewed another of Holiday’s books, The Daily Stoic, and here is another excellent work from the same author.

We’re not a philosophy newsletter, but there are some things that make a big difference to physical and mental health, the habits we build, and the path we take in life for better or for worse.

Self-discipline is one of those things. A lot of the time, we know what we need to do, but knowing isn’t the problem. We need to actually do it! This applies to diet, exercise, sleep, and more.

Holiday gives us, in a casual easy-reading style, timeless principles to lock in strong discipline and good habits for life.

The book’s many small chapters, by the way, are excellent for reading a chapter-per-day as a healthy dose of motivation each morning, if you’re so inclined.

Bottom line: if you’ve noticed that one of the biggest barriers between you and your goals is actually doing the necessary things in a disciplined fashion, then this book will help you become more efficient, and actually get there.

Click here to check out Discipline is Destiny, and upgrade yours!

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