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This naked mind book review dives into the myth-busting surrounding alcohol consumption.

This Naked Mind: The myth-busting hit for anyone who wants to cut down their alcohol consumption – by Annie Grace

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We’ve all read about the many, many, dangers of drinking. We’ve also probably all read about how to make the change to not drinking. Put things out of sight, tell your friends, have this rule, have this excuse (for not drinking) ready to give to people who challenge you, consider a support group, and so on.

What Annie Grace offers in this #1 bestseller is different:

A blend of mostly psychology and sociology, to examine the “liminal thinking” stages that funnel us to drink in the first place… and where that leads, and how to clamber back out of the pitcher plant we weren’t necessarily aware we were sliding into.

While she kicks off citing Jung, from a psychological perspective more of this book is CBTish, as it pertains a lot to examining the process of:

  • belief—held and defended, based on the…
  • conclusion—drawn, often irrationally, from the…
  • experience—that we had upon acting on an…
  • observation—often mistaking an illusion for the underlying…
  • reality

…and how we can and often do go wrong at each step, and how little of the previous steps we can perceive at any given time.

What does this mean for managing/treating alcoholism or a tendency towards alchoholism?

It means interrupting those processes in a careful, surgically precise fashion, so that suddenly… The thing has no more power over us.

Whether you or a loved one struggle with a tendency to addiction (any addiction, actually, the advice goes the same), or are just curious about the wider factors at hand in the epidemiology of addiction, this book is for you.

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