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1 minute book review on Bold Beans recipes.

Bold Beans: Recipes to Get Your Pulse Racing – by Amelia Christie-Miller

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We all know beans are one of the most healthful foods around, but how to include more of them, without getting boring?

This book has the answer, giving 80 exciting recipes, divided into the following sections:

  • Speedy beans
  • Bean snacks & sharing plates
  • Brothy beans
  • Bean bowls
  • Hearty salads
  • Bean feasts

The recipes are obviously all bean-centric, though if you have a particular dietary restriction, watch out for the warning labels on some (e.g. meat, fish, dairy, gluten, etc), and make a substitution if appropriate.

The recipes themselves have a happily short introductory paragraph, followed by all you’d expect from a recipe book (ingredients, measurements, method, picture)

There’s also a reference section, to learn about different kinds of beans and bean-related culinary methods that can be applied per your preferences.

Bottom line: if you’d like to include more beans in your daily diet but are stuck for making them varied and interesting, this is the book for you!

Click here to check out Bold Beans, and get your pulse racing (in a good way!)

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