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A book titled "1 Minute Book Review: Exercise for Osteoporosis and Bone Density".

Beat Osteoporosis with Exercise – by Dr. Karl Knopf

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There are a lot of books about beating osteoporosis, and yet when it comes to osteoporosis exercises, it took us some work to find a good one. But, this one’s it!

A lot of books give general principles and a few sample exercises. This one, in contrast, gives:

  • An overview of osteopenia and osteoporosis, first
  • A brief overview of non-exercise osteoporosis considerations
  • Principles for exercising a) to reduce one’s risk of osteoporosis b) if one has osteoporosis
  • Clear explanations of about 150 exercises that fit both categories

This last item’s important, because a lot of popular advice is exercises that are only good for one or the other (given that a lot of things that strengthen a healthy person’s bones can break the bones of someone with osteoporosis), so having 150 exercises that are safe and effective in both cases, is a real boon.

That doesn’t mean you have to do all 150! If you want to, great. But even just picking and choosing and putting together a little program is good.

Bottom line: if you’d like a comprehensive guide to exercise to keep you strong in the face of osteoporosis, this is a great one.

Click here to check out Beat Osteoporosis With Exercise, and stay strong!

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