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Almonds vs Walnuts – Which is Healthier?

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Our Verdict

When comparing almonds to walnuts, we picked the almonds.


It wasn’t just our almond bias, but it was close!

In terms of macros, the main important differences are:

  • Almonds are higher in protein
  • Walnuts are higher in fats (they are healthy fats)

So far, so even.

In terms of vitamins, both are rich in many vitamins; mostly the same ones. However, walnuts have more of most of the B vitamins (except for B2 and B3, where almonds win easily), and almonds have more vitamin E by several orders of magnitude.

So far, so balanced.

Almonds have slightly more choline.

Almonds have a better mineral profile, with more of most minerals that they both contain, and especially, a lot more calcium.

Both nuts have [sometimes slightly different, but] comparable benefits against diabetes, cancer, neurodegeneration, and other diseases.

In summary

This one’s close. After balancing out the various “almonds have this but walnuts have that” equal-but-different benefits, we’re going to say almonds take first place by virtue of the better mineral profile, and more choline.

But: enjoy both!

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Take care!

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