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Stick with It is a life-changing book that offers a scientifically proven process for transforming your life.

Stick with It: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life for Good – by Dr. Sean Young

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Most of us know the theory when it comes to building new habits and/or replacing old ones, and maybe we even implement those ideas. So why is our success rate still not as high as we think it should be?

Dr. Sean Young is here to do science to it!

This book comes with advice and explanations that rely a lot less on “that sounds reasonable” and a lot more on “in this recent high-quality study, researchers found…”

And, at 10almonds, we love that. We’re all for trying new things that sound reasonable in general… but we definitely prefer when there’s a stack of solid science to point to, and that’s the kind of thing we recommend!

Dr. Young is big on using that science to find ways to trick our brains and get them working the way we want.

Each chapter has lots of science, lots of explanations, and lots of actionable step-by-step advice.

Bottom line: if you’re all over “Atomic Habits”, this one’s the science-based heavy-artillery for your practical neurohacking.

Click here to check out “Stick With It” on Amazon today, and start enjoying the much easier (and more lasting) rewards!

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