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Book review for smart women with ADHD, a look at neurodivergent perspective.

ADHD For Smart Ass Women: How to fall in love with your neurodivergent brain – by Tracy Otsuka

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We’ve reviewed books about ADHD in adults before, what makes this one different? It’s the wholly female focus. Which is not to say some things won’t apply to men too, they will.

But while most books assume a male default unless it’s “bikini zone” health issues, this one is written by a woman for women focusing on the (biological and social) differences in ADHD for us.

A strength of the book is that it neither seeks to:

  • over-medicalize things in a way that any deviation from the norm is inherently bad and must be fixed, nor
  • pretend that everything’s a bonus, that we are superpowered and beautiful and perfect and capable and have no faults that might ever need addressing actually

…instead, it gives a good explanation of the ins and outs of ADHD in women, the strengths and weaknesses that this brings, and good solid advice on how to play to the strengths and reduce (or at least work around) the weaknesses.

Bottom line: this book has been described as “ADHD 2.0 (a very popular book that we’ve reviewed previously), but for women”, and it deserves that.

Click here to check out ADHD for Smart Ass Women, and fall in love with your neurodivergent brain!

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