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Lisa Turner's "Simplest Life" is an unconventional book that offers time management shortcuts. In this review, we delve into the simplicity and effectiveness of the techniques shared in Turner's book.

Your Simplest Life: 15 Unconventional Time Management Shortcuts – by Lisa Turner

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We probably know how to declutter, and perhaps even do a “unnecessary financial expenditures” audit. So, what does this offer beyond that?

A large portion of this book focuses on keeping our general life in a state of “flow”, and strategies include:

  • How to make sure you’re doing the right part of the 80:20 split on a daily basis
  • Knowing when to switch tasks, and when not to
  • Knowing how to plan time for tasks
  • No more reckless optimism, but also without falling foul of Parkinson’s Law (i.e. work expands to fill the time allotted to it)
  • Decluttering your head, too!

When it comes to managing life responsibilities in general, Turner is very attuned to generational differences… Including the different challenges faced by each generation, what’s more often expected of us, what we’re used to, and how we probably initially learned to do it (or not).

To this end, a lot of strategies are tailored with variations for each age group. Not often does an author take the time to address each part of their readership like that, and it’s really helpful that she does!

All in all, a great book for simplifying your daily life.

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