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In this 1 minute book review, I will be discussing the insightful concepts presented by Dr. Hal Herschfield on how our future self can guide us to make tomorrow better today.

Your Future Self: How to Make Tomorrow Better Today – by Dr. Hal Herschfield

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How do you want to be, one year from now? Five years from now? Ten years from now?

Now, how would you have answered that same question one, five, ten years ago?

The reality, according to Dr. Hal Herschfield, is that often we go blundering into the future blindly, because we lack empathy with our future self. Our past self, we can have strong feelings about. They could range from compassion to shame, pride to frustration, but we’ll have feelings. Our future self? A mystery.

What he proposes in this book, therefore, is not merely the obvious “start planning now, little habits that add up”, etc, but also to address the underlying behavioral science of why we don’t.

Starting with exercises of empathy for our tomorrow-self (literally tomorrow, i.e. the day after this one), and building a mindset of “paying it forward”—to ourself.

By treating our future self like a loved one, we can find ourselves a lot more motivated to actually do the things that future-us will thank us for.

The real value of this book is in the progressive exercises, because it’s a “muscle” that most people haven’t exercised much. But when we do? What a superpower it becomes!

Bottom line: if you know what you “should” do, but somehow just don’t do it, this book will help connect you to your future self and work as a better team to get there… the way you actually want.

Click here to check out Your Future Self, and start by gifting this book to future-you!

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