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Which Vitamin Brands Are Effective?

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❝As far as specific brands of vitamin…some are good some not. I don’t like being told what buy but I guess I want to know which are effective. Could there be some brands recognized as good given to us?❞

The most reliable brands are generally those with the most transparency:

  • They tell you what is in the supplement; not just the active ingredient(s), with doses, but also any buffers etc.
  • They tell you, in the case of ingredients that can have various different sources, what the source is.
  • They are, ideally, well-certified and independently tested.

Our previous sponsor Ora is a good example of a company that does this.

Additionally, in terms of bioavailability, generally speaking the order of preference goes liquid > capsule/softgel > tablet, so that’s something to look out for, too.

Note: “liquid” includes powders that are ingested when dissolved/suspended in water, and also includes tablets that become a liquid when dissolved/dispersed in water and ingested that way.

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