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The CBT Workbook for Mental Health – by Dr. Simon Rego & Sarah Fader

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We have often reviewed psychology books here with a note saying “and no, it’s not just a book of the standard CBT techniques that you probably already know”.

So today, this one’s for anyone who was ever thinking “but I don’t know the standard CBT techniques and I would like to know them!”.

The authors outline specific solutions to many common quantifiable problems, with simple exercises that are well-explained and easy to implement.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is not a panacea, but for the things it can be used for, it’s very effective and is a very good “first thing to reach for” to see if it works, because its success rate for a lot of problems is very high.

What kinds of things is this book most likely to help with? A lot of common forms of stress, anxiety, self-esteem issues, cravings, shame, and relationship issues. Other things too, but we can’t list everything and that list already covers a lot of very high-incidence stuff.

Bottom line: if CBT isn’t something already in your toolbox, this book will help you add all its best tips and tricks.

Click here to check out The CBT Workbook for Mental Health, and get tooled up!

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