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Auto Draft: The lost art of silence book review.

The Lost Art of Silence: Reconnecting to the Power and Beauty of Quiet – by Sarah Anderson

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From “A Room Of One’s Own” to “Silent Mondays”, from spiritual retreats to noise-cancelling headphones, this book covers the many benefits of silence—and a couple of downsides too.

In an age where most things are available at the touch of a button, a little peaceful solitude can come at quite a premium, but what it offers can effect all manner of physical changes, from reduced stress responses to increased neurogenesis (growing new brain cells).

The tone throughout is a combination of personal and pop-science, and it’s very motivating to find a little more space-between-the-things in life.

The book is best enjoyed in a quiet room.

Bottom line: if you get the feeling sometimes that you could rest and recover fully and properly if you could just find the downtime, this book will help you find exactly that.

Click here to check out the Lost Art of Silence, and find peace and strength in it!

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