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The Lies That Depression Tells Us

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In this short (6:42) video, psychiatrist Dr. Tracey Marks talks about 8 commonly-believed lies that depression often tells us. They are:

  • “I don’t measure up”
  • “No one cares about me”
  • “I’m better off alone”
  • “No one understands”
  • “It’s all my fault”
  • “I have no reason to be depressed”
  • “Nothing matters”
  • “I’ll never get better”

Some of these can be reinforced by people around us; it’s easy to believe that “no one understands” if for example the few people we interact with the most don’t understand, or that “I have no reason to be depressed” if people try to cheer you up by pointing out your many good fortunes.

The reality, of course, is that depression is a large, complex, and many-headed beast, with firm roots in neurobiology.

There are things we can do that may ameliorate it… But they also may not, and sometimes life is just going to suck for a while. That doesn’t mean we should give up (that, too, is depression lying to us, per “I’ll never get better”), but it does mean that we should not be so hard on ourselves for not having “walked it off” the way one might “just walk off” a broken leg.

Oh, you can’t “just walk off” a broken leg? Well then, perhaps it’s not surprising if we don’t “just think off” a broken brain, either. The brain can rebuild itself, but that’s a slow process, so buckle in:

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