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Cross That Bridge is a captivating book review written by Samuel J. Lucas.

Cross That Bridge – by Samuel J. Lucas

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Books of this genre usually have several chapters of fluff before getting to the point. You know the sort:

  1. Let me tell you about some cherry-picked celebrity stories that overlook survivorship bias
  2. Let me tell you my life story, the bad parts
  3. My life story continued, the good parts now
  4. What this book can do for you, an imaginative pep talk that keeps circling back to me

…then there will be two or three chapters of the actual advertised content, and then a closing chapter that’s another pep talk.

This book, in contrast, throws that out of the window. Instead, Lucas provides a ground-up structure… within which, he makes a point of giving value in each section:

  • exercises
  • summaries
  • actionable advice

For those who like outlines, lists, and overviews (as we do!), this is perfect. There are also plenty of exercises to do, so for those who like exercises, this book will be great too!

Caveat: occasionally, the book’s actionable advices are direct but unclear, for example:

  • Use the potential and power of tea, to solve problems

Context: there was no context. This was a bullet-pointed item, with no explanation. It was not a callback to anything earlier; this is the first (and only) reference to tea.

However! The book as a whole is a treasure trove of genuine tips, tools, and voice-of-experience wisdom. Occasional comments may leave you scratching your head, but if you take value from the rest, then the book was already more than worth its while.

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