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Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life – by Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Lilian Cheung

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We’ve talked about mindful eating before at 10almonds, so here’s a book about it. You may wonder how much there is to say!

As it happens, there’s quite a bit. The authors, a Buddhist monk (Hanh) and a Harvard nutritionist (Dr. Cheung) explore the role of mindful eating in our life.

There is an expectation that we the reader want to lose weight. If we don’t, those parts of the book will be a “miss” for us, but still contain plenty of other value.

Most of the same advices can be applied equally to other aspects of health, in any case. A lot of that comes from the book’s Buddhist principles, including the notion that:

  1. We are experiencing suffering
  2. Suffering has a cause
  3. What has a cause can have an end
  4. The way to this end is mindfulness

As such, the process itself is also mindfulness all the way through:

  1. To be mindful of our suffering (and not let it become background noise to be ignored)
  2. To be mindful of the cause of our suffering (rather than dismissing it as just how things are)
  3. To be mindful of how to address that, and thus end the suffering (rather than despairing in inaction)
  4. To engage mindfully in the process of doing so (and thus not fall into the trap of thinking “job done”)

And, as for Dr. Cheung? She also has input throughout, with practical advice about the more scientific side of rethinking one’s diet.

Bottom line: this is an atypical book, and/but perhaps an important one. Certainly, at the very least it may be one to try if more conventional approaches have failed!

Click here to check out “Savor” on Amazon today, and get mindful!

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