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1 Minute Sugar Book Review: In this concise and time-saving review, we delve into the captivating world of "Sugar," examining its profound impact on our health and well-being.

Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us – by Michael Moss

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You are probably already aware that food giants put unhealthy ingredients in processed food. So what does this book offer of value?

Sometimes, better understanding leads to better movation. In this case, while a common (reasonable) view has been:

“The food giants fill their food with salt, sugar, and fat, because it makes that food irresistibly delicious”

…but that doesn’t exactly put us off the food, does it? It just makes it a guilty pleasure. Ah yes, the irresistible McDouble Dopamineburger. The time-honored tradition of Pizza Night; a happy glow; a special treat.

What Pulitzer-winning author Michael Moss brings to us is different.

He examines not just how they hooked us, but why. And the answer is not merely the obvious “profit and greed”, but also “survival, under capitalism”. That without regulation forcing companies to keep salt/sugar/fat levels down, companies that have tried to do so voluntarily have quickly had to u-turn to regain any hope of competitiveness.

He also looks at how the salt/sugar/fat components are needed to mask the foul taste of the substandard ingredients they use to maintain lower costs… Processed food, without the heavy doses of salt/sugar/fat, is not anywhere close to what you might make at home. Industry will cut costs where it can.

Bottom line: if you need a push to kick the processed food habit, this is the book that will do it.

Click here to check out Salt Sugar Fat, and reclaim your health!

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