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Marriage Work: A Practical Guide to the Seven Principles

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country’s Foremost Relationship Expert – by Dr. John Gottman

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A lot of relationship advice can seem a little wishy-washy. Hardline clinical work, on the other hand, can seem removed from the complex reality of married life. Dr. Gottman, meanwhile, strikes a perfect balance.

He looks at huge datasets, and he listens to very many couples. He famously isolated four relational factors that predict divorce with 91% accuracy, his “Four Horsemen”:

  1. Criticism
  2. Contempt
  3. Defensiveness
  4. Stonewalling

He also, as the title of this book promises (and we get a chapter-by-chapter deep-dive on each of them) looks at “Seven principles for making marriage work”. They’re not one-word items, so including them here would take up the rest of our space, and this is a book review not a book summary. However…

Dr. Gottman’s seven principles are, much like his more famous “four horsemen”, deeply rooted in science, while also firmly grounded in the reality of individual couples. Essentially, by listening to very many couples talk about their relationships, and seeing how things panned out with each of them in the long-term, he was able to see what things kept on coming up each time in the couples that worked out. What did they do differently?

And, that’s the real meat of the book. Science yes, but lots of real-world case studies and examples, from couples that worked and couples that didn’t.

In so doing, he provides a roadmap for couples who are serious about making their marriage the best it can be.

Bottom line: this is a must-have book for couples in general, no matter how good or bad the relationship.

  • For some it’ll be a matter of realising “You know what; this isn’t going to work”
  • For others, it’ll be a matter of “Ah, relief, this is how we can resolve that!”
  • For still yet others, it’ll be a matter of “We’re doing these things right; let’s keep them forefront in our minds and never get complacent!”
  • And for everyone who is in a relationship or thinking of getting into one, it’s a top-tier manual.

Click here to check out the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work and secure what’s most important to you!

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