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Real Self-Care – by Pooja Lakshmin MD

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As the subtitle says, “crystals, cleanses, and bubble baths not included”. So, if it’s not about that sort of self-care, what is it about?

Dr. Lakshmin starts by acknowledging something that many self-help books don’t:

We can do everything correctly and still lose. Not only that, but for many of us, that is the probable outcome. Not because of any fault or weakness of ours, but simply because one way or another the game is rigged against us from the start.

So, should we throw in the towel, throw our hands in the air, and throw the book out of the window?

Nope! Dr. Lakshmin has actually helpful advice, that pertains to:

  • creating healthy boundaries and challenging guilt
  • treating oneself with compassion
  • identifying and aligning oneself with one’s personal values
  • asserting one’s personal power to fight for one’s own self-interest

If you’re reading this and thinking “that seems very selfish”, then let’s remember the “challenging guilt” part of that. We’ve all-too-often been conditioned to neglect our own needs and self-sacrifice for others.

And, while selfless service really does have its place, needlessly self-destructive martyrdom does not!

Bottom line: this book delivers a lot of “real talk” on a subject that otherwise often gets removed from reality rather. In short, it’s a great primer for finding the right place to draw the line between being a good-hearted person and being a doormat.

Click here to check out Real Self-Care and “put your own oxygen mask on first”!

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