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Ozempic vs Five Natural Supplements

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Semaglutide (GLP-1 agonist) drugs Ozempic and Wegovy really do work for losing weight, provided one then remains on these expensive drugs for life. Dr. Jin Sung recommends a supplements-based approach, instead.

Natural Alternatives

Dr. Sung recommends:

  • Berberine, which increases production and secretion of GLP-1.
  • Probiotics, which increase GLP-1 secretion. In particular he recommends Akkermansia municiphila which secretes P9, and this protein stimulates GLP-1 production and secretion.
  • Psyllium, a soluble dietary fiber which will increase short-chain fatty acids which then help with increasing GLP-1.
  • Curcumin, which enhances L-cell numbers, in turn promoting and increasing GLP-1 secretion. Also, curcumin may prolong gastric emptying, and increase insulin sensitivity.
  • Ginseng, of which the bioactive compound stimulates secretion of GLP-1, and also has anti-diabetic effects.

Dr. Sung explains more about each of these in his video:

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