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1 minute walking book review. In this succinct and invigorating video review, embark on a scientific exploration of the captivating content found within a thought-provoking book. As you walk along with the

In Praise Of Walking: A New Scientific Exploration – by Dr. Shane O’Mara

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At 10almonds we talk often of the health benefits of walking, so what’s new here?

As the subtitle suggests: a new scientific exploration!

Dr. Shane O’Mara is a professor of experimental brain research—and a keen walker. Combining his profession and his passion, he offers us a uniquely well-grounded perspective.

While the writing style is very readable, there’s a lot of science referenced here, with many studies cited. We love that!

We begin our journey by learning what we have in common with sea squirts, and what we have different from all other apes. What we can learn from other humans, from toddlers to supercentenarians.

As one might expect from a professor of experimental brain research, we learn a lot more about what walking does for our brain, than for the rest of our body. We’ve previously talked about walking and cardiovascular health, and brown adipose tissue, and benefits to the immune system, but this book remains steadfastly focused on the brain.

Which just goes to show, what a lot there is to say for the science-based benefits to our brain health, both neurologically and psychologically!

One of the things at which Dr. O’Mara excels that this reviewer hasn’t seen someone do so well before, is neatly tie together the appropriate “why” and “how” to each “what” of the brain-benefits of walking. Not just that walking boosts mood or creativity or problem-solving, say, but why and how it does so.

Often, understanding that can be the difference between being motivated to actually do it or not!

Bottom line: if there’s a book that’ll get you lacing up your walking shoes, this’ll be the one.

Click here to check out “In Praise of Walking” on Amazon, and start reaping the benefits!

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