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The Normality of Health

When “Normal” Health Is Not What You Want

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❝When going to sleep, I try to breathe through my nose (since everyone says that’s best). But when I wake I often find that I am breathing through my mouth. Is that normal, or should I have my nose checked out?❞

It is quite normal, but when it comes to health, “normal” does not always mean “optimal”.

  • Good news: it is correctable!
  • Bad news: it is correctable by what may be considered rather an extreme practice that comes with its own inconveniences and health risks.

Some people correct this by using medical tape to keep their mouth closed at night, ensuring nose-breathing. Advocates of this say that after using it for a while, nose-breathing in sleep will become automatic.

We know of no hard science to confirm this, and cannot even offer a personal anecdote on this one. Here are some pop-sci articles that do link to the (very few) studies that have been conducted:

This writer’s personal approach is simply to do breathing exercises when going to sleep and first thing upon awakening, and settle for imperfection in this regard while asleep.

Meanwhile, take care!

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