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Fast Burn book review by Dr. Ian K. Smith focusing on Negative Energy Balance.

Fast Burn: The Power of Negative Energy Balance – by Dr. Ian K. Smith

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Intermittent fasting seems simple enough: how complicated can “stop eating for a bit” be? Well, there are nuances and tweaks and hacks and “if you do this bit wrong it will sabotage your benefits” things to know about, too.

Dr. Smith takes us through the basic essentials first, and covers each of the main kinds of intermittent fasting, for example:

  • Time-restricted eating; 12:12, 16:8, etc, with those being hours fasting vs hours eating
  • Caloric restriction models; for example 5:2, where one eats “normally” for 5 days a week, and on two non-consecutive days, eats only 500 calories
  • Day off models and more; for example, “no eating on Sundays” that can, depending on your schedule, be anything from a 24-hour fast to 36 hours or more.

…and, most notably, what they each do metabolically.

Then, the real meat of the book is his program. Taking into account the benefits of each form of fasting, he weaves together a 9-week program to first ease us gently into intermittent fasting, and then enjoy the maximum benefits with minimum self-sabotage.

Which is the biggest stumbling-block for many trying intermittent fasting for the first time, so it’s a huge help that he takes care of this here.

He also includes meal plans and recipes; readers can use those or not; the fasting plan stands on its own two feet without them too.

Bottom line: if you’ve been thinking of trying intermittent fasting but have been put off by all the kinds or have had trouble sticking to it, this book may be just what you need.

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