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Today, experience the amazing benefits of olive oil for your ears. This soothing and nourishing oil has gone through extensive research and is proven to be highly effective in maintaining ear health. Additionally, incorporating almond

Ear Today, Gone Tomorrow

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❝Have just had microsuction to remove wax from my ears. A not unpleasant experience but would appreciate your guidance on how best to discourage the buildup of wax in the first place.❞

Well, certainly do not prod or poke it, and that includes with cotton buds (Q-Tips, for the Americans amongst us). That pushes more down than that it extracts, and creates a denser base of wax.

There is no evidence that ear candles help, and they can cause harm.

Further reading: Experts update best practices for diagnosis and treatment of earwax (cerumen impaction)

Ear drops can help, and if you want a home-remedy edition, olive oil or almond oil can be used; these oils dissolve the wax quite quickly (in fancier words: they are cerumenolytic agents); washing with water (e.g. in the shower or bath) is then all that’s needed. However, to avoid infection, ensure you are using a high-purity oil, and get one to use just for that; don’t just grab a bottle from the kitchen.

For your convenience, here is an example of medical grade almond oil (with dropper!) on Amazon 😎

❝Every article had relevance to me. I ❤️ whole fruit, it’s my go to treat. I use ice packs to ease my arthritic knee pain, works well. I’ve read and loved Dr Gawande’s books. Great handful of almonds today 👍🏼❞

While this wasn’t a question, and we don’t usually publish feedback here, I (your writer here, hi) misread that as “ice picks” in the first instance, an implement we’ve probably all wanted to use to relieve pain at some point, but certainly not recommendable! Anyway, the momentary confusion made me smile, so I thought I’d share the silly thought. Smiling is infectious, and all that… And it’s certainly good for the health! 😉

More seriously, glad you enjoyed!

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