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Enjoy a quick 1 minute book review of "The Kindness Method" by Shahroo Izadi.

The Kindness Method – by Shahroo Izadi

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Shahroo Izadi here covers everything from alcohol addiction to procrastination to weight loss. It’s a catch-all handbook for changing your habits—in general, and/or in whatever area of your life you most feel you want or need to.

She herself went from yo-yo dieting to a stable healthy lifestyle, and wants to share with us how she did it. So she took what worked for her, organized and dilstilled it, and named it “the kindness method”, which…

  • promotes positivity not in a “head in the sand” sense but rather: you have strengths, let’s find them and use them
  • offers many exploratory exercises to help you figure out what’s actually going to be best for you
  • plans support in advance—you’re going to be your own greatest ally here

Basically it’s about:

  • being kind to yourself rather than setting yourself up to fail, and “judging a fish by how well it can climb a tree”
  • being kind to yourself by being compassionate towards your past self and moving on with lessons learned
  • being kind to yourself by getting things in order for your future self, because you need to treat your future self like a loved one

In fact, why not buy a copy of this book as a gift for your future self?

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