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Quick Skincare Book Review

Skincare: The award-winning ultimate no-nonsense guide and Sunday Times No. 1 best-seller – by Caroline Hirons

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Our skin is our largest organ, and it affects (and is affected by) most of what it contains. In other words, us.

So how do we look after this organ? Caroline Hirons lays it bare for us, in this very clear (and well-illustrated with many photos) book that gives a ground-upwards explanation of:

  • Our skin’s layers and features and what they do
  • The many ways our skin can be different from others
  • What lifestyle factors to worry about (or not)
  • What exactly the many kinds of skincare products do
  • How to understand which ones are actually for our skin
  • How to craft the ideal skincare routine for any individual
  • What should go into a personalized skincare kit

Because, as it turns out, shockingly we can’t trust advertising. Not only is it advertising, but also, they don’t know us. What will be perfect for one person’s skin may ruin another’s, and labels can be very misleading.

A strength of this book is how Hirons demystifies all that, so we can ignore the claims and just know what a product will actually do, from its ingredients.

She also covers the changes that occur in various life processes, including puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and just plain aging. In other words, what to do when what’s been working suddenly doesn’t anymore.

Bottom line: this is a great book for anyone (though: especially those of us with female hormones) who wants to understand the skin you’re in and how to keep it well-nourished and glowingly healthy.

Click here to check out “Skincare” and take good care of yourself!

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