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Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Emotional Eating book review.

Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Emotional Eating: Set yourself free from binge-eating and comfort-eating – by Allen Carr

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We’ve reviewed books before on quitting drinking; is this book about emotional eating so different?

There are overlaps, but important points of contrast, too. After all, alcohol and junk food are both often unhealthy coping mechanisms for other things, though:

  • Alcohol has in principle the stronger grip (making it harder to give up)
  • Junk food is so much easier to justify (making it harder to give up)

Author Allen Carr is of course most well-known for his debut book about quitting smoking, and he brings a lot of that expertise to bear on the slightly different beast that is emotional eating.

Focused on reframing quitting as being less about self-denial and more about self-liberation, he helps readers to understand that giving up a substance (in this case, junk food) does not mean giving up happiness—rather, it means finding happiness beyond it.

If this book has a downside, it’s that some parts can be a little repetitive, and it can sometimes seem like one of those “this book could have been an article” situations.

On the other hand, many people benefit from repeated messages to truly inculcate an idea, so this could be a positive for a lot of readers.

Bottom line: if you’ve tried to eat more healthily but find that you keep reaching for an unhealthy comfort food, then this book may make a difference that other methods didn’t.

Click here to check out The Easy Way To Quit Emotional Eating, and find your own freedom!

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