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The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living – by Ryan Holiday & Stephen Hanselman

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What’s this, a philosophy book in a health and productivity newsletter? Well, look at it this way: Aristotle basically wrote the “How To Win Friends And Influence People” of his day, and Plato before him wrote a book about management.

In this (chiefly modern!) book, we see what the later Stoic philosophers had to say about getting the most out of life—which is also what we’re about, here at 10almonds!

We tend to use the word “stoic” in modern English to refer to a person who is resolute in the face of hardship. The traditional meaning does encompass that, but also means a lot more: a whole, rounded, philosophy of life.

Philosophy in general is not an easy thing into which to “dip one’s toe”. No matter where we try to start, it seems, it turns out there were a thousand other things we needed to read first!

This book really gets around that. The format is:

  • There’s a theme for each month
  • Each month has one lesson per day
  • Each daily lesson starts with some words from a renowned stoic philosopher, and then provides commentary on such
  • The commentary provides a jumping-off point and serves as a prompt to actually, genuinely, reflect and apply the ideas.

Unlike a lot of “a year of…” day-by-day books, this is not light reading, by the way, and you are getting a weighty tome for your money.

But, the page-length daily lessons are indeed digestible—which, again, is what we like at 10almonds!

Get your copy of The Daily Stoic at Amazon today!

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