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In this 1-minute book review, Marion Deuchars introduces Yoga for Stiff Birds, a refreshing guide that combines the practice of yoga with amusing insights on overcoming rigidity.

Yoga For Stiff Birds – by Marion Deuchars

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Quick show of hands, who here practices yoga in some fashion, but does not necessarily always look Instagrammable while doing it? Yep, same here.

This book is a surprisingly practical introduction to yoga for newcomers, and inspirational motivator for those of us who feel like we should do more.

Rather than studio photography of young models in skimpy attire, popular artist (and well-practised yogi) Marion Deuchars offers in a few brushstrokes what we need to know for each asana, and how to approach it if we’re not so supple yet as we’d like to be.

Bottom line: whether for yourself or as a gift for a loved one (or both!) this is a very charming introduction to (or refresher of) yoga.

Click here to check out Yoga For Stiff Birds, and get yours going!

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