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Women's strength training book review featuring "Strength Training Anatomy".

Women’s Strength Training Anatomy – by Frederic Delavier

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Fitness guides for women tend to differ from fitness guides for men, in the wrong ways:

“Do some squats and jumping jacks, and here’s a exercise for your abs; you too can look like our model here”

In those other books we are left wonder: where’s the underlying information? Where are the explanations that aren’t condescending? Where, dare we ask, is the understanding that a woman might ever lift something heavier than a baby?

Delavier, in contrast, delivers. With 130 pages of detailed anatomical diagrams for all kinds of exercises to genuinely craft your body the way you want it for you. Bigger here, smaller there, functional strength, you decide.

And rest assured: no, you won’t end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger unless you not only eat like him, but also have his genes (and possibly his, uh, “supplement” regime).

What you will get though, is a deep understanding of how to tailor your exercise routine to actually deliver the personalized and specific results that you want.

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Not looking for a feminine figure? You may like the same author’s book for men:

Check out Strength Training Anatomy (for men) here!

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