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The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis – by Keith McCormick

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You probably already know to get enough calcium and vitamin D, and do some resistance training. What does this book offer beyond that advice?

It’s pretty comprehensive, as it turns out. It covers the above, plus the wide range of medications available, what supplements help or harm or just don’t have enough evidence either way yet, things like that.

Amongst the most important offerings are the signs and symptoms that can help monitor your bone health (things you can do at home! Like examinations of your fingernails, hair, skin, tongue, and so forth, that will reveal information about your internal biochemical make-up), as well as what lab tests to ask for. Which is important, as osteoporosis is one of those things whereby we often don’t learn something is wrong until it’s too late.

The author is a chiropractor, which doesn’t always have a reputation as the most robustly science-based of physical therapy options, but he…

  • doesn’t talk about chiropractic
  • did confer with a flock of experts (osteopaths, nutritionists, etc) to inform/check his work
  • does refer consistently to good science, and explains it well
  • includes 16 pages of academic references, and yes, they are very reputable publications

Bottom line: this one really does give what the subtitle promises: a whole body approach to avoiding (or reversing) osteoporosis.

Click here to check out The Whole Body Approach To Osteoporosis; sooner is better than later!

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