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1 minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook review.

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners – by Jessica Aledo

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There are a lot of Mediterranean Diet books on the market, and not all of them actually stick to the Mediterranean Diet. There’s a common mistake of thinking “Well, this dish is from the Mediterranean region, so…”, but that doesn’t make, for example, bacon-laden carbonara part of the Mediterranean Diet!

Jessica Aledo does better, and sticks unwaveringly to the Mediterranean Diet principles.

First, she gives a broad introduction, covering:

  • The Mediterranean Diet pyramid
  • Foods to eat on the Mediterranean Diet
  • Foods to avoid on the Mediterranean Diet
  • Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Then, it’s straight into the recipes, of which there are 201 (as with many recipe books, the title is a little misleading about this).

They’re divided into sections, thus:

  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches
  • Snacks
  • Dinners
  • Desserts

The recipes are clear and simple, one per double-page, with high quality color illustrations. They give ingredients/directions/nutrients. There’s no padding!

Helpfully, she does include a shopping list as an appendix, which is really useful!

Bottom line: if you’re looking to build your Mediterranean Diet repertoire, this book is an excellent choice.

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