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Genius Foods: Brain-Boosting Book Review in 1 Minute

Genius Foods: Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive While Protecting Your Brain for Life – by Max Lugavere

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There is a lot of seemingly conflicting (or sometimes: actually conflicting!) information out there with regard to nutrition and various aspects of health. Why, for example, are we told:

  • Be sure to get plenty of good healthy fats from nuts and seeds, for metabolic health and brain health too!
  • But these terrible nut and seed oils lead to heart disease and dementia! Avoid them at all costs!

Max Lugavere demystifies this and more.

His science-led approach is primarily focused on avoiding dementia, and/but is at least not bad when it comes to other areas of health too.

He takes us on a tour of different parts of our nutrition, including:

  • Perhaps the clearest explanation of “healthy” vs “unhealthy” fats this reviewer has read
  • Managing carbs (simple and complex) for healthy glucose management—essential for good brain health
  • What foods to improve or reduce—a lot you might guess, but this is a comprehensive guide to brain health so it’d be remiss to skip it
  • The role that intermittent fasting can play as a bonus extra

While the main thrust of the book is about avoiding cognitive impairment in the long-term (including later-life dementia), he makes good, evidence-based arguments for how this same dietary plan improves cognitive function in the short-term, too.

Speaking of that dietary plan: he does give a step-by-step guide in a “make this change first, then this, then this” fashion, and offers some sample recipes too. This is by no means a recipe book though—most of the book is taking us through the science, not the kitchen.

Bottom line: this is the book for getting unconfused with regard to diet and brain health, making a lot of good science easy to understand. Which we love!

Click here to check out “Genius Foods” on Amazon today, give your brain a boost!

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