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Reduce the risk of skin tags.

Reduce Your Skin Tag Risk

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❝As I get older, I seem to be increasingly prone to skin tags, which appear, seemingly out of nowhere, on my face, chest and back. My dermatologist happily burns them off – but is there anything I can do to prevent them?!❞

Not a lot! But, potentially something.

The main risk factor for skin tags is genetic, and you can’t change that in any easy way.

The other main risk factors are connected to each other:

Skin folds, and chafing

Skin tags mostly appear where chafing happens. This can be, for example:

  • Inside joint articulations (especially groin and armpits)
  • Between fat rolls (if you have them)

So, if you have fat rolls, then losing weight will also reduce the risk of skin tags.

Additionally, obesity and some often-related problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and an atherogenic lipid profile also increase the risk of skin tags (amongst other more serious things):

See: Association of Skin Tag with Metabolic Syndrome and its Components

As for the chafing, this can be reduced in various ways, including:

  • losing weight if (and only if) you are carrying excess weight
  • dressing against chafing (consider your underwear choices, for example)
  • keeping hair in the armpits and groin (it’s part of what it’s there for)

See also: Simply The Pits: These Underarm Myths!

Take care!

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