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Discover how the groundbreaking program "Reinventing Your Life" can transform your negative behaviors into positive breakthroughs in just one minute with this life-changing book review.

Reinventing Your Life: The Breakthrough Program to End Negative Behavior and Feel Great Again – by Dr. Jeffrey Young & Dr. Janet Klosko

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This book is quite unlike any other broadly-CBT-focused books we’ve reviewed before. How so, you may wonder?

Rather than focusing on automatic negative thoughts and cognitive distortions with a small-lens focus on an immediate problem, this one zooms out rather and tackles the cause rather than the symptom.

The authors outline eleven “lifetraps” that we can get stuck in:

  1. Abandonment
  2. Mistrust & abuse
  3. Vulnerability
  4. Dependence
  5. Emptional deprivation
  6. Social exclusion
  7. Defectiveness
  8. Failure
  9. Subjugation
  10. Unrelenting standards
  11. Entitlement

They then borrow from other areas of psychology, to examine where these things came from, and how they can be addressed, such that we can escape from them.

The style of the book is very reader-friendly pop-psychology, with illustrative (and perhaps apocryphal, but no less useful for it if so) case studies.

The authors then go on to give step-by-step instructions for dealing with each of the 11 lifetraps, per 6 unmet needs we probably had that got us into them, and per 3 likely ways we tried to cope with this using maladaptive coping mechanisms that got us into the lifetrap(s) we ended up in.

Bottom line: if you feel there’s something in your life that’s difficult to escape from (we cannot outrun ourselves, after all, and bring our problems with us), this book could well contain the key that you need to get out of that cycle.

Click here to check out “Reinventing Your Life” and break free from any lifetrap(s) of your own!

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