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Purposeful 1 minute book review that discusses the impact of design on the community and how it can change lives.

Purpose: Design A Community And Change Your Life – by Gina Bianchini

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To address the elephant in the room, this is not a rehash of Rick Warren’s best-selling “The Purpose-Driven Life”. Instead, this book is (in this reviewer’s opinion) a lot better. It’s a lot more comprehensive, and it doesn’t assume that what’s most important to the author will be what’s most important to you.

What’s it about, then? It’s about giving your passion (whatever it may be) the tools to have an enduring impact on the world. It recommends doing this by leveraging a technology that would once have been considered magic: social media.

Far from “grow your brand” business books, this one looks at what really matters the most to you. Nobody will look back on your life and say “what a profitable second quarter that was in such-a-year”. But if you do your thing well, people will look back and say:

  • “he was a pillar of the community”
  • “she raised that community around her”
  • “they did so much for us”
  • “finding my place in that community changed my life”
  • …and so forth. Isn’t that something worth doing?

Bianchini takes the position of both “idealistic dreamer” and “realistic worker”.

Further, she blends the two beautifully, to give practical step-by-step instructions on how to give life to the community that you build.

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