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Pine bark extract, known for its antioxidant properties, is available in a 10 oz. size.

Pine Bark’s Next-Level Antioxidant Properties

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Pine Bark’s Next-Level Antioxidant Properties

Pine bark extract has been used by the indigenous peoples of N. America for a very long time, to treat a variety of ailments.

This one falls into the category of “things from traditional medicine that eventually got investigated and their scientific worth noticed by people from outside of those cultures”.

Not all pine trees!

If you happen to have pine trees near you, be aware that without sufficient botanical knowledge, you could find yourself bark-harvesting from the wrong tree—but many species of pine do have these qualities.

Useful (for this purpose) pine trees include, but are not limited to:

  • Pinus banksiana
  • Pinus massoniana
  • Pinus pinaster
  • Pinus radiata
  • Pinus resinosa
  • Pinus strobus

…which is already a fair list, but there are dozens more that have not been studied, and/or found lacking in medicinal qualities, and/or just didn’t make our list here today.

What does it do & How does it work?

We sneakily put those two questions together today because it’s easiest to explain in one:

The Pinus family in general has powerful antioxidant qualities, and not just like blueberries or coffee (wonderful as those are).

Rather, it has:

  • Phenolic acids: these are the polyphenols found in many plant foods rich in antioxidants. These are great, but they aren’t the exciting part here.
  • Catechins: these aren’t classified as antioxidants, but they are flavonoids that do the same job in a slightly different way
  • Procyanidins: another class of flavonoids, and this is where pine bark really comes into its own

And yes, as ever, “those three things that always seem to come together”, it having these antioxidant properties means it is also anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer:

Procyanidin fractions from pine (Pinus pinaster) bark: radical scavenging power in solution, antioxidant activity in emulsion, and antiproliferative effect in melanoma cells

…and anti-aging:

Pleiotropic Effects of French Maritime Pine Bark Extract to Promote Healthy Aging

…which does of course mean that it almost certainly fights age-related cognitive decline, though studies for that have been animal studies so far, such as:

Where to get it?

As ever, we don’t sell it, but here’s an example product on Amazon for your convenience; we recommend shopping around though, as prices vary a lot!


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