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Lyme Disease At-A-Glance

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❝Good info as always…was wondering if you have any recommendations for fighting Lyme disease naturally along wDr advice? Dr’s aren’t real keen on alternatives so always interested. Thanks❞

That depends on whether we’re looking at prevention or cure!


  • Try not to get bitten by Lyme-disease-carrying ticks. Boots and long socks are your friends. As are long-gauntletted gloves for gardening.
  • If you are in a high-risk area and/or engage in high-risk activities, check your body daily.
    • This is because it usually takes 36–48 hours of being attached for a tick to cause an infection
    • Obviously best if you can get a partner or close friend to help you with this, unless you have mastered some advanced pretzel positions of yoga.
  • Contrary to many folk remedies, the safest way to remove a tick is with tweezers (carefully!).
  • If you find and remove a tick, or otherwise suspect you have developed symptoms, go to your doctor immediately (not next week; today; time really counts for this).


  • No. Sorry. Regretfully, antibiotics are the only known effective treatment.

However! As with almost any kind of recovery, getting good rest, including good quality sleep, will hasten things. Also sensible is reducing stress if possible, and anything that could worsen inflammation.

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