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Comparison of two multivitamin brands: Life Extension Multivitamins two-per-day versus Centrum Multivitamins for adults.

Life Extension Multivitamins vs Centrum Multivitamins – Which is Healthier

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Our Verdict

When comparing Life Extension Multivitamins to Centrum Multivitamins, we picked the Life Extension.


The clue here was on the label: “two per day”. It’s not so that they can sell extra filler! It’s because they couldn’t fit it all into one.

While the Centrum Multivitamins is a (respectably) run-of-the-mill multivitamin (and multimineral) containing reasonable quantities of most vitamins and minerals that people supplement, the Life Extension product has the same plus more:

  • More of the vitamins and minerals; i.e. more of them are hitting 100%+ of the RDA
  • More beneficial supplements, including:
    • Inositol, Alpha lipoic acid, Bio-Quercetin phytosome, phosphatidylcholine complex, Marigold extract, Apigenin, Lycopene, and more that we won’t list here because it starts to get complicated if we do.

We’ll have to write some main features on some of those that we haven’t written about before, but suffice it to say, they’re all good things.

Main take-away for today: sometimes more is better; it just necessitates then reading the label to check.

Want to get some Life Extension Multivitamins (and/or perhaps just read the label on the back)? Here they are on Amazon 😎

PS: it bears mentioning, since we are sometimes running brands against each other head-to-head in this section: nothing you see here is an advertisement/sponsor unless it’s clearly marked as such. We haven’t, for example, been paid by Life Extension or any agent of theirs, to write the above. It’s just our own research and conclusion.

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