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Languishing: How to Feel Alive Again in a World That Wears Us Down – by Prof. Corey Keyes

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We’ve written before about depression and “flourishing” but what about when one isn’t exactly flourishing, but is not necessarily in the depths of depression either? That’s what this book is about.

Prof. Keyes offers, from his extensive research, hope for those who do not check enough of the boxes to be considered depressed, but who are also definitely more in the lane of “surviving” than “thriving”.

Specifically, he outlines five key ways to make the step from languishing to flourishing, based not on motivational rhetoric, but actual data-based science:

  1. Learn (creating your personal story of self-growth)
  2. Connect (building relationships, on the individual level and especially on the community level)
  3. Transcend (developing psychological resilience to the unexpected)
  4. Help (others! This is about finding your purpose, and then actively living it)
  5. Play (this is a necessary “recharge” element that many people miss, especially as we get older)

With regard to finding one’s purpose being given the one-word summary of “help”, this is a callback to our tribal origins, and how we thrive and flourish best and feel happiest when we have a role to fulfil and provide value to those around us)

Bottom line: if you’re not at the point of struggling to get out of bed each day, but you’re also not exactly leaping out of bed with a smile, this book can help get you from one place to the other.

Click here to check out Languishing, and flourish instead!

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