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HRT & Your Heart

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❝So the reason that someone on estrogen has a slightly higher chance of a heart attack is…what? Is it just because there’s a higher body fat?❞

There shouldn’t be higher chance of a heart attack once everything’s been taken into account, and indeed estrogen has some cardioprotective benefits, along with competing properties, e.g:

❝The cardiovascular effects of estrogen require a careful balancing act between possible advantages, such as enhanced lipid profiles and vascular function, and possible concerns, like increased thrombotic risk.

Estrogen has cardioprotective properties in premenopausal women❞

~ Dr. Ayesha Javed et al.

Source: The Relationship Between Myocardial Infarction and Estrogen Use: A Literature Review

The risks and benefits of HRT are numerous, and/but a lot of the risks are associated only with animal-derived HRT rather bioidentitical, so you might want to check out our previous article:

HRT: A Tale Of Two Approaches (Bioidentical vs Animal)

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