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How To Lower Your Blood Pressure (Cardiologists Explain)

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Today we enjoy the benefit of input from Dr. Zalzal, Dr. Weeing, and Dr. Hefferman!

If the thought of being in an operating room with three cardiologists in scrubs doesn’t raise your blood pressure too much, the doctors in question have a lot to offer for bringing those numbers down and keeping them down! They recommend…

150 mins of Exercise

This isn’t exactly controversial, but: move your body!

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Reduce salt

Most people eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) are getting far too much—mostly because it’s in so many processed foods already.

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Eating habits

There’s a lot more to eating healthily for the heart than just reducing salt, and over all, the Mediterranean diet comes out scoring highest:

Reduce alcohol

According to the WHO, the only healthy amount of alcohol is zero. According to these cardiologists: at the very least cut down. However much or little you’re drinking right now, less is better.

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Maintain healthy weight

While the doctors agree that BMI isn’t a great method of measuring metabolic health, it is clear that carrying excessive weight isn’t good for the heart.

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No smoking

This one’s pretty straight forward: just don’t.

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Reduce stress

Chronic stress has a big impact on chronic health in general and that includes its effect on blood pressure. So, improving one improves the other.

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Good sleep

Quality matters as much as quantity, and that goes for its effect on your blood pressure too, so take the time to invest in your good health!

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