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How important is your heart's age in terms of keywords and SEO?

How Are You, Really? And How Old Is Your Heart?

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How Are You, Really? The Free NHS Health Test

We took this surprisingly incisive 10-minute test from the UK’s famous National Health Service—the test is part of the “Better Health” programme, a free-to-all (yes, even those from/in other countries) initiative aimed at keeping people healthy enough to have less need of medical attention.

As one person who took the test wrote:

❝I didn’t expect that a government initiative would have me talking about how I need to keep myself going to be there for the people I love, let alone that a rapid-pace multiple-choice test would elicit these responses and give personalized replies in turn, but here we are❞

It goes beyond covering the usual bases, in that it also looks at what’s most important to you, and why, and what might keep you from doing the things you want/need to do for your health, AND how those obstacles can be overcome.

Pretty impressive for a 10-minute test!

Is Your Health Above Average Already? Take the Free 10-minute NHS test now!

How old are you, in your heart?

Poetic answers notwithstanding (this writer sometimes feels so old, and yet also much younger than she is), there’s a biological answer here, too.

Again free for the use of all*, here’s a heart age calculator.

*It is suitable for you if you are aged 30–95, and do not have a known complicating cardiovascular disease.

It will ask you your (UK) postcode; just leave that field blank if you’re not in the UK; it’ll be fine.

How Old Are You, In Your Heart? Take the Free 10-minute NHS test now!

(Neither test requires logging into anything, and they do not ask for your email address. The tests are right there on the page, and they give the answers right there on the page, immediately)

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