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52 Ways to Walk is a book that offers readers a comprehensive review of different walking techniques, providing them with an extensive guide on how to improve their walking skills. This enlightening book covers diverse aspects of

52 Ways to Walk – by Annabel Streets

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Most of us learned to walk at a very young age and probably haven’t thought much about it since, except perhaps in a case where some injury made it difficult.

Annabel Streets provides a wonderful guide to not just taking up (or perhaps reclaiming) the joy of walking, but also the science of it in more aspects than most of us have considered:

  • The physical mechanics of walking—what’s best?
  • Boots or shoes? Barefoot?
  • Roads, grass, rougher vegetation… Mud?
  • Flora & fauna down to the microbiota that affect us
  • How much walking is needed, to be healthy?
  • Is there such a thing as too much walking?
  • What are the health benefits (or risks) of various kinds of weather?
  • Is it better to walk quickly or to walk far?
  • What about if we’re carrying some injury?
  • What’s going on physiologically when we walk?
  • And so much more…

Streets writes with a captivating blend of poetic joie-de-vivre coupled with scientific references.

One moment the book is talking about neuroradiology reports of NO-levels in our blood, the impact of Mycobacterium vaccae, and the studied relationship between daily steps taken and production of oligosaccharide 3′-sialyllactose, and the next it’s all:

“As if the newfound lightness in our limbs has crept into our minds, loosening our everyday cares and constraints…”

And all in all, this book helps remind us that sometimes, science and a sense of wonder can and do (and should!) walk hand-in-hand.

Treat yourself to “52 Ways to Walk” from Amazon today!

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