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Title: "Transformative Book Review: Discover 100 Life-Changing Ways to Rewrite Your Journey

100 Ways to Change Your Life: The Science of Leveling Up Health, Happiness, Relationships & Success – by Liz Moody

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Sometimes we crave changing things up, just to feel something new. This can result in anything from bad haircut decisions or impulsive purchases, to crashing and burning-out of a job, project, or relationship. It doesn’t have to be that way, though!

This book brings us (as the title suggest) 100 evidence-based ways of changing things up in a good way—small things that can make a big difference in many areas of life.

In terms of format, these are presented in 100 tiny chapters, each approximately 2 pages long (obviously it depends on the edition, but you get the idea). Great to read in any of at least three ways:

  1. Cover-to-cover
  2. One per day for 100 days
  3. Look up what you need on an ad hoc basis

Bottom line: even if you already do half of these things, the other half will each compound your health happiness one-by-one as you add them. This is a very enjoyable and practical book!

Click here to check out 100 Ways to Change Your Life, and level-up yours!

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