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Looking to boost your productivity? Look no further! "100 things to do in one minute" is the ultimate book for productive people. Packed with actionable tips and tricks, this book is a must

100 Things Productive People Do: Little lessons in getting things done – by Nigel Cumberland

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This is a book of a hundred small chapters (the book is 396 pages, so 2–3 pages per chapter) which makes for a feeling of quick reading, and definitely gives an option of “light bites”, dipping into the book here and there.

Cumberland offers a wide range of practical wisdom here, and while the book is (per the title) focused on productivity, it also includes all due weight to not burning out and/or breaking down. Because things productive people do does not, it turns out, include working themselves directly into an early grave.

But—despite the author’s considerable and obvious starting point of social privilege—nor is this a tome of “offer your genius leadership and otherwise just coast while everyone does your work for you”, either. This is a “brass tacks” book and highly relatable whether your to-do list most prominently features “personally manage the merger of these Fortune 500 companies” or “sort out that junk in the spare room”

Bottom line: we’d be surprised if this book with 100 pieces of advice failed to bring you enough value to more than pay for itself!

Pick up your copy of 100 Things Productive People Do from Amazon today!

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