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Where Nutrition Meets Habits!

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Where Nutrition Meets Habits…

This is Claudia Canu, MSc., INESEM. She’s on a mission to change the way we eat:

Often, diet is a case of…

  • Healthy
  • Easy
  • Cheap

(choose two)

She wants to make it all three, and tasty too. She has her work cut out for her, but she’s already blazed quite a trail personally:

Nine months before turning 40 years old, I set a challenge for myself: Arrive to the day I turn 40 as the best possible version of myself, physically, mentally and emotionally.❞

~ Claudia Canu

In Her Own Words: My Journey To My Healthy 40s

And it really was quite a journey:

For those of us who’d like the short-cut rather than a nine-month quasi-spiritual journey… based on both her experience, and her academic and professional background in nutrition, her main priorities that she settled on were:

  • Making meals actually nutritionally balanced, which meant re-thinking what she thought a meal “should” be
  • Making nutritionally balanced meals that didn’t require a lot of skill and/or resources
  • That’s it!

But, easier said than done… Where to begin?

She shares an extensive list of recipes, from meals to snacks (I thought I was the only one who made coffee overnight oats!), but the most important thing from her is:

Claudia’s 10 Guiding Principles:

  1. Buy only fresh ingredients that you are going to cook yourself. If you decide to buy pre-cooked ones, make sure they do not have added ingredients, especially sugar (in all its forms).
  2. Use easy and simple cooking methods.
  3. Change ingredients every time you prepare your meals.
  4. Prepare large quantities for three or four days.
  5. Store the food separately in tightly closed Tupperware.
  6. Organize yourself to always have ready-to-eat food in the fridge.
  7. When hungry, mix the ingredients in the ideal amounts to cover the needs of your body.
  8. Chew well and take the time to taste your food.
  9. Eat foods that you like and enjoy.
  10. Do not overeat but don’t undereat either.

We have only two quibbles with this fine list, which are:

About Ingredients!

Depending on what’s available around you, frozen and/or tinned “one-ingredient” foods can be as nutritional as (if not more nutritional than) fresh ones. By “one-ingredient” foods here we mean that if you buy a frozen pack of chopped onions, the ingredients list will be: “chopped onions”. If you buy a tin of tomatoes, the ingredients will say “Tomatoes” or at most “Tomatoes, Tomato Juice”, for example.

She does list the ingredients she keeps in; the idea that with these in the kitchen, you’ll never be in the position of “oh, we don’t have much in, I guess it’s a pizza delivery night” or “well there are some chicken nuggets at the back of the freezer”.

Check Out And Plan: 10 Types Of Ingredients You Should Always Keep In Your Kitchen

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Preparing large quantities for three or four days can result in food for one or two days if the food is unduly delicious 😋

But! Claudia has a remedy for that:

Read: How To Eliminate Food Cravings And What To Do When They Win

Anyway, there’s a wealth of resources in the above-linked pages, so do check them out!

Perhaps the biggest take-away is to ask yourself:

“What are my guiding principles when it comes to food?”

If you don’t have a ready answer, maybe it’s time to tackle that—whether Claudia’s way or your own!

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