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1 minute of Self-Learning Book Review by Peter Hollins

The Science of Self-Learning – by Peter Hollins

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Teaching oneself new things is often the most difficult kind of bootstrapping, especially when one is unsure of such critical things as:

  • Where to begin? How, for that matter, do we find where to begin?
  • What can/should a learning journey look like?
  • What challenges should we expect, and how will we overcome them?

Hollins answers all of these questions and more. The greatest value of this book is perhaps in its clear presentation of concrete step-by-step instructions. Hollins gives illustrated examples too, but most importantly, he gives models that can be applied to any given type of learning.

The book also covers the most difficult problems most people face when trying to learn something by themselves, including:

  • Keeping oneself on-task (maintaining discipline)
  • Measuring progress (self-testing beyond memorization)
  • Keeping a fair pace of progress (avoiding plateaus)
  • How to know when one’s knowledge is sufficient or not (avoiding Dunning-Kruger Club)

All in all, if you’re looking to learn a new subject or skill, this could be a first step that saves you a lot of time later!

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